The Eternal Novice Trap

Introduction It was the dawn of a new century in the tech world. We’d just survived the great Y2K scare which, for many of us, turned out to be nothing. I spent a memorably pleasant Y2K eve playing board games and sipping champagne at my company’s East Cambridge office, enjoying the company of my co-workers. […]

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Civility is…

Civility is not cowardice. Civility is not giving up. Civility is not support or endorsement. Civility does not make you a victim. Civility is not weakness. Civility is strength. Civility is poise. Civility always has the upper hand. Civility may lose a skirmish, but it always, always wins the war. Keep fighting the good fight, […]

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Apple IPad Pro Smart Keyboard

So, after suffering a few years with a flaky iPad Air 2, my lovely wife convinced me that it was OK to treat myserlf last week, and I got myself a 9.7″ iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard. To be honest, I’ve been super unhappy with Apple keyboards of late. They seem to think that […]

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